About Kendall

Hi, I'm Kendall.

This site is home to my blog, Full Circle.  I focus mostly on  mental health awareness, although I suspect I'll deviate from this central focus from time to time.

When I decided to start a blog, I knew I wanted it to be more than simply a place where I could deposit my thoughts and ramble on (though it is that, too!).  If I'm lucky enough for people to care enough to read what I write, I want to be able to point them towards some important resources, both in my local community and nationwide.


I want to do more than just empathize and commiserate.  I want to have more to offer people than just my own words.  I'm just getting started, but eventually I plan to have resources on this website to direct people towards the help they need.

My dream is that one day, people who are in need of help won't have to look far to find it.

Eating disorder awareness is something I pour my heart into.  I'm passionate about identifying the cracks in our country's mental healthcare system, and more importantly, working to fix them.  While I have been in recovery from an eating disorder for nine years myself, my own struggle and subsequent recovery are not the driving force behind my burning desire for change.

A part of my heart fell through one of those cracks in the system on November 15, 2018.  Well, she fell through for the final time on that day.  My close friend and soul sister, Katie, died as a direct result of Anorexia Nervosa on that particular day.  After a courageous fifteen-year battle with this powerful disorder, that day was an unfitting end to a beautiful and inspiring life.

It was so unfitting, in fact, that Katie's family and I ultimately decided it would not be the end after all.  Your life is only truly over when your work is done, and Katie's work is just beginning.

After guest writing for another blog, my article got more attention than I'd ever anticipated.  Eventually, the National Eating Disorders Association also picked up my article and shared it with its followers.  That was the catalyst in launching my blog, Full Circle. I am so grateful that people are interested, and some even willing to join me in the effort to raise awareness of important mental health issues, reduce stigma, and gain access for all to better, more comprehensive mental health insurance coverage.  

We need more resources.  We need more curiosity and less judgment.  We need more people speaking up.  I am but one, small voice, but if I don't do my part, who will?